MudZero Women 200ml

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MudZero Women 200ml Hair Removal System

Hair Removal natural-based cream.

A unique formula composed from nature, science, and technology.

A perfect combination of 26 Dead Sea minerals, bio-effective, originated from the lowest place in the world, and a special genus of algae called Dunaliella. The Dunaliella, originated from the Dead Sea, can live in very high levels of salinity and has an important role in this product by working as a filter. It helps eliminate waste from the cell and is integrated with active materials.

By using the Dunaliella, we receive a revolutionary product with special attributes:
1) Invigorating and promoting skin renewal.
2) The extract oils help calm and moisturize the skin.
3) The product components and their unique integration, encourage blood flow to the skin area, leading to improved cell metabolism.
4) Anti-bacterial components which prevent infections.
5) The product is a moisture mask Based on plant extracts, a combination of minerals, and active natural antioxidants ingredients. Those help calm, refresh, and disinfect the skin.
6) Unlike laser or wax, the product easily removes the hair painlessly and without causing damage to blood vessels in the area.
7) Removal is fast, pleasant, and with no unpleasant smell.
8) The skin stays moist.
9) The product thoroughly removes all the hair found on the skin.
10) Peeling effect: the cream contributes and encourages the creation of new and healthy epithelium cells.
11) The product inhibits hair growth.

In summary: The product cleans, and removes excess hair, improves skin condition by removing dead cells, helps in smoothing the epidermis, stimulating and absorbing excess fat.
Mud Zero is suitable for all skin and hair types.
Mud Zero is a fast, clean, and inexpensive, hair removal.
Mud Zero does not cause skin irritations and skin reddening.
Within four minutes all the hair is removed painlessly and without force.
You can take it with you anywhere, even in your bag.
Prevents pigmentation (a common side effect caused by the use of wax and thread.)
200 ml/6.76 fl.oz
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