Buy 4 Dead Sea Bath Salt and Get 2 For Free!

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4+2 Luxary Bath Salt (one of each)

Buy 4 Bath Salt and Get 2 For Free!
(300 gr/10.5 oz-each).

Kit contains:
1 Roses scented, 1 Pine scented, 1 Eucaliptus scented,
1 Lavender scented, 1 Apple scented, 1 Unscented (natural).

This wonderful line of dead sea bath salts contains 26 different minerals from the Dead Sea.

Salt baths promote relaxation and calm down the nervous system, relieving muscle and joint pains.
The bath salts are especially effective for those who suffer from various skin diseases - psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, seborrhea and various inflammatory processes.

In addition to natural therapeutic salts, we offer a wide range of salts enriched with natural medicinal oils, plant and flower additives which improve the healing qualities of the bath and enhance its positive effects together with decongestion of the airways.
After the bath you will feel wonderfully relaxed. 

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